Tuesday, April 29, 2008

GenPlus - Mega Drive Emulator

GenPlus - Mega Drive Emulator

Download here


includs support for the Wiimote and the classic controller.

Homebrew app: GRRLIB ver 1.6

Download GRRLIB ver 1.6

What is this?

A package of little template of effect demos

How do I create my own?

Use this template.

Homebrew App : Minesweeper

Creator: mangaman3000



A = Clear space
B = Toggle flag,question mark & square
Start = Pause
Left/Right/Up/Down = Change selection
Z = Speed up cursor


Accessories needed: GameCube controller

Return to loader: (Main menu option)

Loaders useable: Zelda Chainloader

Installation for Zelda Chainloader: Install as usual

Wii Linux (Proof of Concept 4)

Wii Linux PoF ver. 4

Download here.

USB keyboard support.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Homebrew apps/TCP Loader SOURCE CODE

Advanced stuff:

Svpe has been using the recent developments in homebrew and have created a loader that loads stuff over TCP.

It is a TCP server running on the Wii that listens on port 8080 by default that will run any binary that is sent to it. Both DOL and ELF executables are supported. There is no IP address display in the Wii part.

This is a very great thing, considering the fact that certain devices can be modified and updated through TCP, the Wii should not be an exception.

Source if u are interested


Twilight Hack / Loader 0.1 alpha 3b

Twilight Hack / Loader 0.1 alpha 3b


Changes: Experimental version with FAT32 support. Only try this if you receive an error message while loading boot.elf.

WII Proof of Concept LINUX 0.0.3

Wii Proof of Concept LINUX 0.0.3

DOWNLOAD HERE and try it out