Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Interview with a Wii hacker

Interview with a Wii hacker

By Alex Bradner | January 29, 2008


Disassembling in the dark

Last night, Atomic talked to Wii hacker Bushing about every conceivable aspect of Wii hacking. To make things even more incredible, the first “Hello World” program to ever to run on a Wii was executed during our discussion.

Over the next four pages you’ll find all the details you could ask for about the world’s first proper Wii hack: no mod chips required. It's powerful stuff.


Atomic: First off, what's your programming background?
Bushing: I've been programming since age 8 (on an Apple IIc); I spent a lot of time growing up, hacking on Linux. I did Electrical Engineering and Comp. Sci in college, and now I do software development professionally.

Atomic: What was the appeal in hacking the Wii?
Bushing: Mostly that it hadn't been done. I don't play many video games, but I saw one at my boss's house at a party this summer, and it was fun, so I bought one. And I like to hack everything I own, and it was a big flashing target because I knew that nobody had yet been able to do it.

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