Monday, March 3, 2008

devkitPro version 14 released

New version, check it out.

The 14th release of the gamecube toolchain is now final and available for download. This version brings Wii support now that we have the ability to run code on Wii thanks to the efforts of Team Twiizers and their Twilight Hack.

Those of you used to the old build system with prior versions of devkitPPC and gamecube programming will need to review the updated examples and templates. libogc has now been removed from inside the toolchain and is installed in a separate directory in the same way we maintain the gba and ds support libraries for devkitARM. This allows us more leeway to update the toolchain and libraries separately and avoid dependency issues which have been causing problems for users in the past.

Several packages have been updated and some new ones added, notably the addition of Monk’s gcube emulator which appears to provide most compatibility with devkitPPC compiled code, including the ability to run code intended for Wii. We don’t advise using the emulator exclusively for development testing but it should be convenient for quick test builds prior to running on hardware. A windows native binary has been provided but currently lacks the debug features of the OSX and linux versions, hopefully we will be able to provide this with a future update. Currently there are no builds for other platforms but we will be happy to host prebuilt versions should someone volunteer to provide them.

Windows users should use the devkitPro installer updater to obtain devkitPPC and the support libraries, this ensures that everything is installed properly. For other platforms instructions are provided on the wiki Getting Started page which includes links for the windows install package.