Thursday, March 13, 2008

Geckoloader 0.0.3

Download Geckoloader 0.0.3

Change Log:

a gamecube pad isn't required anymore, the wii reset button is used to confirm the flash process

the loader code is executed straight away if it has been flashed before (no interaction required)

.elf file support thanks to tmbinc

the stub doesn't overwrite the globals anymore, fixed by WinterMute

a received binary is now written to MEM2 before relocating

ported the client to win32 (binary included)

the client now uses default device names on linux and os x

the audio and dsp subsystems are initialized on reloading (no more annoying noise)


a usbgecko adapter

a way to boot wii homebrew

What is this again?:

It is wii application which helps you to load and execute wii homebrew binaries in the easiest and fastest way possible.